“Little Miss Perfect” Screening

On March 4th, I attended the first New York screening of Little Miss Perfect, a feature film about an overachieving high school freshmen who tries controlling her life by controlling her weight.

Here’s a photo of the films star actress, Karlee Roberts, and another with the writer/producer/director (in the red dress), Marlee Roberts.


DGA Theater

I knew this was an event I wanted to make it to because of its message about body image and cyber bullying, two topics very close to my heart. Belle (Karlee), stumbles upon an online pro-eating disorder subculture as cracks begin to appear in her seemingly perfect life.
Belle tries to control her life by controlling her weight, entering a dark online social media site that promotes eating disorders. The goal of the film, according to its Facebook page, is to raise awareness about eating disorders and cyber bullying and cause a transformation in how they are perceived in society.

After the screening, I stayed in the audience and talked with people. The best thing I discovered–people with mental illness, eating disorders, even victims of cyber bullying–are not alone. I felt better about my struggles because there are others who feel very similarly. It’s therapeutic to bond and bring light to (typically) controversial topics.

Marlee said at a film festival, “I hope that audiences watching Little Miss Perfect go home learning something about themselves. I don’t want to shove any messages or morals down anyone’s throat and at the same time, I don’t want audiences to leave empty-handed. It’s a balance. I hope the film fosters a dialogue for any of the many themes it presents.”

I definitely learned something. I learned that it’s okay to talk about body image and mental illness. It’s okay to have an imperfect life, to be imperfect. We all have struggles in life. All of us are messed up in some way. Let’s embrace it, and most of all, start a dialogue about it. Let’s #FaceOurBeast.

Find a screening of Little Miss Perfect as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.