A Passion for People

Welcome to my blog! This is where I do my writing – where I put my thoughts on paper if you will. Stories of my past, current events, maybe even posts dedicated to my interest in health and fitness! I’d love to answer questions, mentor, or give advice. If you like what I write, or if you have any suggestions, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Being the best I can in the broadcast industry means really knowing my audience well, so I’m eager to learn more about you all, and I want you all to get to know me! So welcome to my blog, and to my website as a whole. My first post is dedicated to my passion for broadcast journalism – and my favorite part about the job – meeting unique people and telling human-interest stories.


The breaking news stories always lead the newscast — the crime stories, hot topics in the community – basically the top news stories of the day. Later on in the newscast, human-interest stories appear – some people call them “evergreen” or “heartwarming.” These are the stories that may not be timely, but still hold great interest for viewers because they focus on interesting people in the community who are doing interesting things.

For example, I once put together a story about a community-donated raised garden at a local nursing home. The residents were so thrilled to be able to get outside, feel the sun, and plant like they did growing up – and it all stemmed from generosity. Then there are the heartwarming moments that come from struggle, like when a community banded together during a Christmas storm to put together grocery bags and deliver them to families who were trapped in their homes from high snow levels.

When I’m looking for stories in the community, it’s wonderful to discover something or somebody no one else knows about so I can share it with viewers. Once I determine there’s a terrific story worth telling, it’s gratifying to interview the key individuals involved and film everything to truly capture the essence of the story.

Since the first time I fell in love with broadcast journalism, my life has changed dramatically. It has been enriched by meeting the people behind the news stories – the moms, dads, grandparents, veterans, emergency responders and children who have placed their trust in me to tell their stories with fairness and compassion.

Being able to share the news for a living is a valuable gift. Ultimately, it has shown me that a community begins with the strength, the belief and the generosity of one individual.

XO — Olivia Caridi